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Resources for Care Providers: 


The Complex Care Team have identified some common areas of concern to many care providers and have produced a series of fact sheets to support care providers with information and  general advice to manage some conditions. 

Norovirus information for care homes
Information Sheet regarding Emollients
How to apply emollients and body map.
Information from Self Care Forum on coughs!
Falls Referral Form
Care Providers Residents or family can directly refer into the Falls team using the above form
How to Adminster Ear Drops
Updated Information Sheet on using Ear Drops
How to test Urine
Updated Information Sheet on how to use Urine Dipstix.
How to use a Spacer
updated information on using spacers with inhalers
How to use Inhalers
Updated information on using Inhalers
How to Insert Eye Drops
Updated information on insertion of eye drops


The Complex CareTeam have also developed a range of leaflets that may be helpful to support the care providers in the administration of medication to the residents by Care Providers.

Homely remedies toolkit - 2018 update.pdf
Homely remedies flow charts - 2018 update.pdf
Covert Admin Guidance - Final.pdf
Warfarin- A Practical Summary
patch application instructions
CCG transfer of medicinces protocol
Information from the CCG regarding safe transfer of medication into the Care Home.
Controlled Drug Guidance for Care Homes
How to identify what is a Controlled Drug and how to Store and record appropriately
PRN protocol
As Required medication (PRN)
Good practice for PRN process
List of Pharmacies - End of life care medicines service.pdf
updated list provided by BCCG November 2018
Palliative Care Injectable Medicines Guidance VERSION 5.pdf
BCCG have provided the above for information.
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