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Systmone Consent

What does this mean?

 In order for the Complex Care Team to provide seamless care, each client , where able, is asked to share their GP electronic record both in and out. This allows any action taken by the GP to be shared with the Complex Care Team as well as any other health professional caring for that client. It also allows the actions taken by the Complex Care Team to be seen on the electronic record by the GP. This helps to prevent unecessary visits and medication duplication. Consent to share can be revoked by the client at any time if they change their mind for any reason.

What is needed:

The Client will be asked to complete a "consent to share" form which will be scanned onto their electronic health record and this will allow access seamless care for the client. Please use the links below to download the information leaflet and form.

Consent Form Information Leaflet
CCT Consent Form August 2017.pdf